Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cassis and French Cooking

Alright... sorry for the delay in an update. There hasn't been too much going on here the last week. Just class and such. This last weekend was again pretty relaxing. On Saturday Clare, Kerri, Emily N and I went to Cassis, which is a small fishing village on the coast. We took the bus there, which took about an hour. The village was so cute. We were so lucky that it was an absolutely beautiful sunny day. We walked down to the water which was crystal clear. Because the weather was nice there were a ton of people out and about and the boat tours of Les Calanques were running. Les Calanques are the inlet cliffs that run between Marseille and Cassis. The tour we went on took us to 3 of them and they were absolutely breathtaking. It was really amazing. We weren't able to spend a ton of time in the town because we had to catch the bus back to Aix, but we were there for long enough to fall in love. I plan to take my mom there when she comes in April.

Sunday and Monday were just lazy days in Aix. It was a little rainy and cold so we didn't do too much.

Today I had class and then tonight some of us had a cooking class. There is a lady from Paris that comes down to her amazing apartment in Aix to teach foreign students French cooking. Tonight we made and then ate Terrine de Courgettes Concasse de Tomates (Zucchini and eggs baked on top of tomatos), Blanquette de Veau et son Riz Basmati (Veal cooked in white wine over rice) and Mousse au Chocolat. It was amazingly delicious and surprisingly easy to make. I have 3 more classes, so by the end of my time here I should be a pro. We ate the dinner and practiced our French and it was really nice to have something other than the stir-fries we've been making on our stove top. We don't have an oven, so we won't be able to make these recipes until we get home, but then I think I just might have to invite you all over for a French dinner party.

The week is of course flying by! Time seems to pass insanely quickly here. This weekend I think I'm going to go to Mont St Michel. I have a weekend on my Eurail pass that I need to use, and I've always wanted to go there, so that's the tentative plan. Less than 2 weeks until Eric gets here! I can't wait. I have a lot planned for us.

À Bientot!

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